Geoff’s vision management process leads individuals through the complexities of: transitions, life changes, new directions, and transformations of direction, size, culture, and profitability.

This dynamic approach opens up avenues of possibilities. Geoff’s vision management process is dedicated to change, so that individuals and organizations can explore different directions and achieve new outcomes. With a focus on transformation, people and businesses evaluate their real needs and make appropriate changes with lasting impact.

Who are Geoff’s clients?

  • People, businesses and organizations in passionate pursuit of discovering and being dedicated to achieving their dreams
  • Women and Men in transitions of life and/or profession.
  • People, businesses and organizations that seek a resource for strategy and strength.

Who is Geoff Nader?
In 1989, after completing his MBA and working in arbitrage, Geoff chose to bring his remarkable life and entrepreneurial business experience to this work. Geoff specializes in teaming with individuals, entrepreneurs and/or decision-makers in organizations. Based in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, Geoff’s clients are in most states and major cities as well as Europe and Australia. He provides his consultation and coaching to individuals, life partners, business partners, businesses, consultants, graphic designers, architects, restauranteurs, business executives, film and media artists and executives, writers, lawyers, therapists, not for profit executives and boards, and fund-raising specialists and MBAs.

Geoff’s confidential, strategic planning and management work includes startups, turnarounds, expansions, mergers, separations, leaps, bounds, and exits.

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